No this is not Hannibal Lector (Anthony Hopkins). This is 81 year old Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who quietly snuck into The White House and hand delivered a letter to Trump that basically said, I quit this bitch! And I’m out. For almost 4 decades Kennedy has served as the “swing vote” on the court. Meaning, his vote mostly decided the outcome of cases that were ruled 5-4. Because the court is divided with 4 justices that try to stay with what the so called founding fathers intended and 4 justices that believe the constitution is a living breathing document that adjust with the times, Kennedy often had the deciding votes. We never knew how he would fucking rule. Example, in the 2015 gay marriage case we knew the 4 original intent justice would say, no gays don’t have the right to marry but the 4 living constitution justices would say, yeah they do. But it came down to Mister Sit On A Fence Post Kennedy and bam! Just like that he broke the 4-4 tie and gay marriage became legal. Muthafuccas on certain cases wouldn’t even worry about convincing the other Justices, they would argue and try to convince Kennedy because they new he would be the tie breaker.


You can read the lame version here courtesy of The Wall Street Journal: